My hair is fading into an amazing pastel blue. I decided some black studded pieces would clash nicely with the pastel colors of my outfit. My nail polish is the exact same shade as my sweater! It's by Illamasqua:

Also, I'm wearing my new studded boots from Forever 21. They are pretty flimsy but what do you expect for 30 bucks? They're pretty comfortable though ad I think I'm gonna get a lot of wear out of them. They sold out on the site pretty fast. I guess everyone including me is feeling too lazy to stud their own boots...

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  1. Lie says:

    hi there drag queen :)
    your looks are awesome! I love it! you remind me of katie perry :D
    What about following each other? I would love to!

    Ps: your header is so lovely!
    xo, Lie


  2. Thanks lady! I don't know why I'm reminding everyone of Katie Perry. I think I'd have to start kissing girls for novelty if I was going to go that route. And convert to christianity.
    In the mean time I'll kiss girls cause I like them and continue to worship various forms of Satan.
    Also, I'll check out your blog!