The weather has really been sucking balls in Seattle these days. On this particular day it was pouring freezing rain for most of the afternoon. I put on all my knit houndstooth wear-my boatneck sweater, my handmade pencil skirt, my beret, and my coat, and headed down to Kindras amazing costume sale with Artstar. Kindra is moving to NYC soon to grace the city with an unhealthy dose of amazing so I took this opportunity to capture the magic that is her house and her fabulous sellables:
Queen Clam Kindra herself posing in front of a small portion of her Greg Thompson collection:

Earrings! Magic Wands! Porcelain Lambs!

My partner in crime, Artstar Andrew Jay:

Not for sale, this amazing plastic chandelier:

Deborah Spencer pawed through the amazing racks ad found a ensemble to compliment her own amazing rack! A J Von Stratton onesie and hat!:

Shoes forever!!!

Aubrie stays warm and looks cool while doin' it:

Melted bunny suit anyone???

Anna Banana, wearing Kindras neon pom pom bra and glitter boots:

These aren't for sale but god I wish they were:

One happy guest leaving with her goodies:

My haul included a bunny hat as well as this amazing golden sunglasses mirror!!!

Thanks Kindra! I'll always miss your dream house but I look forward to your dream NYC apartment!!!

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Tony says:

    OMG is that bunny suit still for sale?

  2. I don't know, want me to ask? I know she had a few.

  3. Kindra says:

    Yes there is one bunny suit left for sale! complete with bunny head and fuzzy bodysuit! $40!