Trannyshack, the lewd crude drag show/freak show that comes up twice a year from San Francisco was back for another messy Halloween show last Saturday. It seemed like the perfect place to take some killer outfit snaps until I came to terms with how crowded it was. I only got a few by knocking people out of the way but here ya go!
Ursula Android wears a liquid silver dress paired with fire engine red accessories:

Jackie Hell looking jagged in skin tight sequins:

The Cat Faced Lady wearing a Feisty Feline ensemble. Love the red gloves with the chrome claws:

Amoania in a striking full velvet coat and a pair of leggings worthy of Olivia Newton John:

Amoania's bastard daughter bringing back the "roots" and accenting them with the classic combination of pink and leopard print:

Mo Dee is not only weatherproof, she's blood proof in a pre stained top:

Laura and Kindra as metal show girls in Greg Thompson head pieces and accessories:

We are going to start a coven soon in NYC. Details later:

What's everyone ging to be for Halloween? I'm ditching the Evil Bunny look to be FRANKEN WOLF!!! Green face paint here I come...

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