Could V Magazine be paying homage to yours truly this month? Pastel curls and angry doll eye brows are the perfect combination of my day time and drag time looks! So gorgeous. Definitely stocking up on french veiling next time I'm in the fabric store.


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  1. these photos are beautiful, I wish I had lilac hair. It's just amazing! x

  2. You could! Though it's tricky, I have to mix my own color.

  3. Where can you find that delicate vintage-quality veiling around town? Pacific Fabrics didn't really have what I was looking for...thought I'd have to order online.

  4. They have "french veiling" at Pacific Fabrics in Northgate in the bridal section in black and cream and they also just stocked ons of cheaper veiling in the same style in crazy colors. If those aren't the quality you're looking for you may have to special order or find a vintage stock. I wish I could find the kind with the velvet dots...

  5. Beej says:

    They are totally in love with you and stalking you. OH WAIT..

  6. R Gratton says:

    SHUT UP!!!
    like 4reallz