It's rainy and dark here in Seattle every day. Me and Kyle went out for sandwiches at local vegan bar The Highline so I decided to break in my new Forever 21 velvet and mesh dress which is cute but awfully short.

Hype my outfit on Lookbook HERE.
Vintage faux leopard hat, vintage suede leopard earrings, found pom pom scarf, vintage faux leopard coat, Forever 21 velvet and mesh bubble hem dress, vintage lilac gloves, plastic bow ring from Beacons Closet Williamsburg, H&M black heart bag, American Apparel red tights, Forever 21 studded boots.

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  1. Beej says:

    You are precious. I wore leopard yesterday too and I love your hair!!! The curls look a lot tighter than last round!

  2. I tried rag curls this time around. I think I prefer them a little looser though.

  3. Beej says:

    As if you could go wrong! AS IF!!!

  4. Like the colour scheme ;D

    Merry Christmas my dear!

  5. Thanks lady! Merry Christmas to you too!