I decided to try out a ratty top knot hairstyle on a rainy afternoon. I like it. Its like a lazier version of a beehive. I tied a vintage leopard chiffon scarf around it and was good to go!
This is what I wore to.....THE GROCERY STORE! No joke. My life right now is full of boring domestic things as I settle in to my new apartment. Cooking and unpacking boxes and getting rid of things I don't need. January is always a slow month but at least I can dress like I'm having fun.

I honestly don't think my legs match the rest of me in these photos and I think my leopard print pony hair stilettos would be much better suited...
To create this hairstyle, flip your head upside-down and make a tight pony tail on the top. Then divide the ponytail into sections and tease each one until you have a giant rats nest on your head. then wrap the sections loosely around to form a hive shape and secure with a couple bobby pins. Fashionising.com called it a new look for 2011 but call it the perfect way to wear my hair when its too dirty and fried to do anything else to. 

Vintage Scarf from my Step Grandmother, Umbrella found on the street, handmade Earrings, Ring and Jacket from Forever 21, Top from Trash & Vaudville, Vintage skirt from Redlight Seattle, Tights are American Apparel and Betsey Johnson, Bag is from Goodwill, and Boots are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa.

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  1. Actually, I love the whole outfit. I may even add this to my favourites pile :)

  2. Hi, we have friends in comon, so I came to visti you, and your blog.
    I am so speechless that I am putting you in my blogroll not to miss any of your future posts.
    Un abrazo fuerte from Spain.

  3. Love love love - this is my standard hairdo and you can totally glam it up with flowers, scarves, headbands etc - though now I want to dye my hair lavender too!

    Your whole look is FAB.

    Sarah xxx

  4. San Smith says:

    love this outfit so much!!

  5. Funnily enough I did my hair in a similar style today to save it from the rain! Although unfortunately my hair is not lilac :(

  6. Thanks everyone for the hair and outfit compliments! You are all wonderful!

  7. Maya says:

    the colours and the leopard and... all of it! Brilliant!

    I love those booties, they are like barbie shoes =)

  8. They are probably made from the same material!

  9. you are an absolute icon. your my muse each and every day when i get dressed! also, i was looking through your blog and saw a short bit you wrote on your friend who was an artist. I looked her up and i really love her work! unfortunately i can't seem to find that page, would you mind giving me her name? she was the one who did those creepy/amazing doll paintings.
    thanks! (:

  10. Alessia-You are so sweet, thank you! I'm also so glad you like Annie's work! This is the page I think you're looking for:
    I'll let her know she has a new fan! :)

  11. Eda says:

    this is absolutly lovely.
    specially the shoes!


  12. love outfit, and is amanzing you hair. I want it ;)

  13. Pinkarol says:

    The boots are great!
    Are the ones from VW?
    I'm just a new follower, all your outfits are amazing!

  14. Thanks Pinkarol! They are.