Rain. Again. The January weather in Seattle makes you want to hide. It makes you pull on the same three pairs of go with everything tights everyday because nothing else is practical. It makes you wear your boots to shreds until the rain water leaks in through the cracks in the soles. It makes you want to pull yourself as far as you can into your biggest coat as though it were a turtle shell. It makes you hide behind your sunglasses even on the darkest days. Straightened hair goes ratty and curled hair goes rattier.
I was trying to dress like I was going downtown because I was indeed, going downtown, but I ended up feeling frumpy, cold, and above all things, wet.

Anyway, I went downtown in a wrinkly skirt and my boots filled up with dirty rain water and I STILL looked better than nearly everyone I saw all day. And endless sea of wind-breakers and fleece pullovers.
I'm letting my lilac hair color slowly wash out. I bought the ash blonde toner today. It looked fucking fierce and wig-like on the swatch. Though technically the swatch was a wig...

Hat, Coat, Umbrella, Jacket/Top, and Skirt are vintage, Boots are Forever 21, Scarf was found, Glasses are Betsey Johnson. Nail Polish is China Glaze in Purple Panic (Neon).

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  1. Rai says:

    cute umbrella, though ^_^ x

  2. Thanks! Its one of two identical pink parasols!

  3. Awesome, your new design is fantastic ♥

    Liebs Grüßli, Glitzerpony

  4. xxx says:

    I love your new blog!
    just amazing!

  5. Maya says:

    I love your nail varnish! and little hat =^.^=

    curse the clouds!

  6. There's a Barbie called "winter in montreal" who's outfit really looks similar to yours haha

  7. Thanks everyone!
    Tami-Holy crap! Looking her up now!

  8. Ahhh! Found it! Of course, Barbie ALWAYS wears it better.

  9. Caroline says:

    I love this, the colours are amazing, pink hair forever :D Very jealous of the frilly umbrella and booties!!

  10. Morgiss says:

    Your umbrella is great ;o)
    In Czech is very cold winter..I hate winter, I want spring, now!

  11. Thanks ladies! Pink hair until it fades completely I'm afraid!
    Yeah, I guess I have no room to complain about Seattle weather versus a Czech winter, haha!

  12. I saw you on Sunday walking down Broadway with your luggage. You were looking fabulous in all pink!

  13. Haha, thanks! I was pretending I was taking a trip but really I was dropping things off at Value Village!