Here I am today anticipating the snow fall. The only way to fight the cold and rain is lots and lots of layers and I'm cheating by wearing mostly black ones! I bought this full pleather skirt from H&M the other day on a whim and am finding it's perfect for the terrible Seattle weather! Warm and water resistant! I feel like a metal sock hopper but paired with this vintage hat I feel more like a witch. My friend Kindra wants me to come to New York and start a coven with her and I think long pleather skirts, felt brimmed hats, and velvet leggings will have to come with me!

I love the gloves and the Warhol earrings, both by eighties jewelry designer Stewart Lucas. He was a friend of my Moms and I've inherited a huge collection! P.S. Are you sick of me wearing these boots yet?? It rains every day! I practically live in them!
Polkadotted Umbrella from Ebay, Veiled Hat from Sacha Peet's vintage collection, Glasses from Beacons Closet in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Earrings and Gloves by Stewart Lucas NYC, Wrist Cuffs Vintage fro my Mom and Stepmother, Scarves and Cardigan are second hand, Skirt and bag are H&M, Leggings and Boots from Forever 21, Tights from American Apparel, Lipstick is vintage Chanel "Fuchsia Fuchsia" and smells like roses!!!

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  1. Nice ensemble, Stella! Very New York!

  2. You look like a Tim Burton character- awesome.

  3. Thanks Purple Mark! Thats where I'm headed son hopefully!
    Peacock- It's true! I need a Tim Burton theme party to go to now!

  4. Second only to you Miss O!

  5. Beej says:

    STEALING LOOK ASAP. Now where is my black parasol..

  6. Oh exquisite - you look like a naughty doll! Going home to find my pleather skirt immediately. Sarah xxx

  7. Mr.Look says:

    Much to pleaseznt 4 Seattle

  8. that bad is delicious. love your 'do too. I'm now following.

    xxo Tess S

  9. Beej- I want to see!
    Thanks everyone + Rheal!

  10. Maya says:

    This is amazing, I don't understand how I missed it!

    A bit Lydia beetle-esque!

  11. Fucking amazing!! Love the witch look.