On my way to Vain hair salon to get a trim. I feel like a cross between Faye Dunaway and Mia Farrow faking a crop cut by hiding my hair under a beret. The sky was grey and desolate. I wanted to hide in my sweater and be warm and avoid looking people in the eye. A very understated late winter outfit on the dreariest and windiest of days.

I tried to bleach the pink color out of my hair and I ended up with a mixture of platinum, pink, and lavender- like a unicorn! It's not what I want though. All I can think of is ashy platinum hair with pastel lipstick and spring dresses and sunshine but I have to wait. More on "unicorn hair" later...
Also, love for my past hair on Silence Sweetheart .
Beret and Sweater were from "free piles", Skirt, Stockings, and Boots are Forever 21, Earrings are handmade/customized, Scarf is vintage, Socks are American Apparel.

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  1. Helga! says:

    O! Your gorgeous legs,darl!
    And those pretty,pretty tights!
    The Faye/Mia look is actually quite cunning!:)

  2. Haha, my legs are slowly emerging as the temperature rises!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you keep up with the super good hair I'm going to have to post even more pictures of you! Digging this shade because y'kno it's a little bit of an unusual one - sort of lilac sort of pink, an inbetween shade!

    Also, jumper looks like the comfiest thing ever, jealous.

  4. Thankyou!
    Sarah-I love your blog! I'm glad I found it through my referring sites page, haha! <3