What does one wear to and from a burlesque show? You'll be in costume throughout the evening but who says you can't arrive in style?
I am the "stage kitten" for locally based 5 star troupe The Atomic Bombshells and shared the stage with them all weekend for their Valentines show "J'adore" at The Triple Door. I decided it was a good time to wear my vintage fuchsia leopard number the way it was made to be- glamorously!

When I arrived backstage I found to my surprise that Ben De La Creme had the exact same outfit in mind! Viva leopard and fuchsia!

Scarf, Jacket, Skirt, and Heels are Vintage, Tights are American Apparel, Glasses are from Beacons Closet Brooklyn.

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  1. Helga! says:

    Fecking gorgeous!
    LOVE the eyemakeup,inspirational!

  2. those curls are flawless! :)

  3. Raji says:

    This outfit is gorgeous, love the hints of leopard print
    Your hair looks sensational

  4. Thanks ladies! I have my stage makeup on. White highlights and black all over so it reads to the audience.
    Unfortunately the hair is a wig! Except for the pink curl bangs! Those are mine!

  5. Love all your outfits. You inspire me to dressing up everyday.


  6. Mimi-Thank you! I'm so glad!

  7. wow! this look is just perfect! congratulations :)