Turban test driving time! I wore it out to a friends birthday in Ballard. It stayed put, made a statement, and kept my head warm so I think it served its purpose. I was hoping I would get in trouble and have to head butt someone with my spikes in defense but instead some drunk guys hooted at me and then gave me directions.

I knew blocked hats and water didn't mix so I brought an umbrella. Then I got caught in a freezing rain storm... I managed to saturate a 2 inch area on the top of the hat and it got all floppy. I left it dry on a wig head when I got home and it went back to normal.
Lesson learned, NEVER WEAR A BLOCKED HAT IN THE POURING RAIN (good advice for any vintage hat collectors out there.)! This goes for buckram, felt, and even straw hats. I really don't know how that part got so wet. I must have been standing under a drain pipe at some point...
Anyway, I look like some kind of punk rock peasant. I love the neon green with bright red. I hate the idea that red and green are strictly a christmas combination. They look so great together no matter what time of the year!

Turban is Handmade, Earrings, Socks, Bangle, and Heels are Vintage, Top is Trash & Vaudeville, Skirt is H&M, Candy is Rainbow Twizzlers. So gross and delicious.

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  1. Maya says:

    I didn't think christmas for a secon actually!

    This is lovely, velvet is a good fabric, really like your skirt and accessories.

  2. Elvis says:

    I still cant believe you dyed it ! Sooooo good ;)

  3. Eda says:

    Turban is really unique!
    Fit with your lovely socks!

  4. I really love the background of your blog AND you hair! Fab!!!


  5. Thanks lady! I did it ALL myself!

  6. Marlena says:

    really love this outfit! that turban is wicked awesome *0*

  7. Mr.Look says:

    Psly Red vines=better