I told you I had ended up with unicorn hair! A botched bleach and toning job over the desaturated lilac color resulted in a pink and purple pastel fade down my head! Unfortunately the roots were an icky yellow blonde and it looked a bit gross all together.
Also, I didn't know quite how to dress for unicorn hair. I was trying to pull together a sort of iridescent sequin look but opted out at the last minute for an ultra matchy fairy kei ensemble. Get ready for more pink on pink on pink!

I got asked if this was my "real hair", and some raver kid high-fived me but that's about it. Some of you are gonna kill me but I toned all this out this morning and now I have a much more even color which I would like to refer to as "pink champagne". Pictures soon.

Beret, Sunglasses, & Blouse are vintage. Bow, Hair-tie, Necklace, Star Ring, Skirt, Bag, and Socks are Angelic Pretty. Lavender Hoodie is Handmade and Hand Printed. Jacket is Old Navy Kids. Stockings are American Apparel. Shoes are Melissa. Hello Kitty Ring and Purple Heart Ring are gifts from Blake and Tonjia. Wallet is Betsey Johnson.

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  1. Dear lawd you look fanfuckingtastic. I love the pinkonpinkonpink and I love your hair. I want to put you on top of a cupcake.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Ha, please do! That's the one place I haven't been yet!

  3. Love this outfit, your bag is just soo cute and i need your hair colour now please. BTW I love the new header you look very Gaga EPIC and stunning. You look fab xxx

  4. omg this is an amazing look

  5. Emily says:

    This makes me incredibly happy.