Early in the morning (okay, it was like, 10:30) on my way to work at one of my sewing jobs where I spent the day creating appliques for mens underwear to be worn by porn stars at an event at a local bath house. No really. I was ready for anything in my Betsey Johnson velveteen suit!

I've been reading trend blogs lately and sort of having fun using them as inspiration for my own outfits. What's in now? Apparently cat eye glasses, turbans, and sashes. I built this outfit around all three! Kyle gave me the funny little vintage earrings.
How do you like my powder pink hair? I can finally wear my orange/red lipstick again so I'm happy with it!
Striped Headscarf, Bangle, and Earrings are vintage, Glasses are from Beacons Closet, Jacket and Skirt are Betsey Johnson, Scarf, and Sash are second hand, Top is Forever 21, Stockings are American Apparel, Shoes are Urban Outfitters, and Bag is H&M.

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  1. I'm pretty jealous, I'd love to create outfits for porn stars!

  2. Morgiss says:

    I love your outfits :o)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Haha, I think I need to put something about making outfits for porn stars on my resume!