Is it a raincoat? I'm still not sure but I like the concept. It's like vinyl armor. I'm not sold on the petal like details but I love the heavy masculine shoes with the stringy bare legs. I have a great heavy pair of black mens shoes I was wearing that way a few summers ago when I was visiting New York. I ended up walking so much that I got horrible blisters! Investing in some super short socks to tuck inside this style is something I would advise. Anyway, on to the rest!

I love the untucked sheer button up shirts, and the red leather! This show is reminding me of my love for red and powder blue. Few items sum this up better than these shoes.
But I digress. Lets also appreciate the quilted leather jackets! I can't decide which is better, the red or the two tone tan. I want to scour vintage shops for something like it and paint in the black lapels!

So far spring looks like bright simple dresses, neon lipstick, oversize houndstooth, sheer button ups, mens shoes, quilted motorcycle jackets, and androgynous foot wear. I'm excited to see what's next!


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  1. I love the last leather jacket. I would wear it and moonwalk everywhere I go

  2. Ha, me too! If I knew how that is...