Amazing teddy boy meets punk spread from Vogue Germany.

I love all the stripes and studs! Striped socks have become so associated with goth/candy raver fashion that I forgot how good they could look peeking out of skinny pants and finished off with some black leather creepers. I'm glad I made Kyle a set of teddy bow ties last year. I think it's time he started wearing them again.


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  1. Mr.Look says:

    It was like a big balenciaga+Givenchy ad and I LOVE IT!!
    I hope the hair is inspiring you as we speak!

  2. Anonymous says:

    love this editorial set. glam/goth/punk=awesomeness

  3. Rheal-I don't know if the teddy hair look is really my thing!
    Evelina-Glad you like it too.