Shelter turned it out again with another great theme party. This one took place in a basement room covered in tin foil blasting Iggy Pop and The Stooges. Me and Amoania ended up looking like sisters though Amoania had a bit of a Stepford Wife quality about her.
I took a few snaps of myself and a handful of partygoers...

Rose, the party hostess, went as miss Edie Sedgwick nailing the look nearly perfect, can't you tell? I love the pixie crop on her. Rheal of Le Look went the balloon implant route. I love his polkadotted sweater, monster boobs or not. Tennessee Rose was wearing the most darling orange flower hat and I had to take a photo. She is so adorable! Marion arrived carryng a vintage telephone purse and a thalidomide baby, truly a sign of the times!
I cannot get over Amoanias crazy eyes. I can't tell if she wants to kill me or wash my dishes real good.
I've gotten two requests for a tutorial on this makeup so I am considering making one for all you aspiring queens. Just considering...

I was wearing a vintage Hat and Dress from my Mother, Stewart Lucas NYC Warhol Earrings and Bracelet set, Second Hand faux fur Jacket, and Vintage mustard Heels.

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  1. Maya says:

    oh my god, you're completely transformed!

    Yeah there's no mistaking that she's Edie! sweet.

    Why not do the tutorial =)

  2. Thanks ladies!
    I'll consider the tutorial when my schedule frees up a bit!