Here I am after eating a monstrous vegan sloppy joe, basking in the neon glow from the sex shop on Broadway. This was on one of the rainiest nights we've had recently. The only way to combat the incessant downpour was tall boots and a pleather skirt. I said it before and I'll say it again, this is the greatest skirt for the rain. It's like an umbrella for your legs! Pleather is the new vinyl when it comes to rain gear.

Kyle surprised me with the heart ring during our sandwich date! I should wear it around my neck so everybody knows we're going steady. Though everyone already knows we're going steady...
I printed the cutest darn business cards yesterday and started working on my online shop. It looks cute already and there aren't any products in it yet! April 6th is the date I've set for the big reveal and it will keep getting better from there!

Hat and Stockings are American Apparel, Scarf was mine as a child, Shirt is Forever 21, Jacket was my friends as a child, Skirt and Bag are H&M, Boots are Vintage, Umbrella is an Ebay purchase.

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  1. Maya says:

    aww the heart studs <3___<3

  2. Gorgoeus! Love how you combined black and red, chic! And that is the most adorable biker jacket I've seen, HEART STUDS <3


  3. Yeah, the <3 studs kill me. So cute.

  4. Morgiss says:

    I love blask & red combination too- great!

  5. The heart studs are nice!

  6. I live in the UK and often wonder what a Sloppy Joe is exactly I know it is some kind of burgery thing, right? I love the leather skirt with cowboy boots, great look x

  7. I bought the heart studs at M&J trimming in NYC a few years ago. I still have a bunch to add to the jacket!
    Pearl-You are adorable! A sloppy joe is basically ground beef in a bbq-like sauce slopped on a bun. It's like a hamburger that hasn't been compacted together yet. Of course I like mine meatless with onions and peppers!

  8. I love everything! <3