It's important to know that I love jail stripes. Like, a whole lot. Unfortunately, Hot Topic has ruined jail stripes nearly for good. Especially the vivid colored variety. Black and neon stripes often conjure up high school memories of thigh high opaque tights, cheap teeshirts, and tawdry vinyl accessories. 
Prada just updated this concept magically making it classy, chic, and completely unaffordable! Take a look.

I love the neon green stripe skirt and printed top. I must admit, a few of the outfits I didn't post looked a bit too much like hospital scrubs (baggy big sleeve tees with V necks and a pocket in bright orange or blue) but I am crazy over the bullseye sun hats and the neon stripe fur stoles. With a bit of sewing and a light coat of paint, I may be able to knock one off. Speaking of knockoffs, I discovered I have a nearly identical jail stripe fabric in blue and black hanging around the house which means full Prada knockoff outfit in the works!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    gosh I just love this collection. I've been so inspired by Prada as of late, putting together a ton of outfits on Polyvor. now if only I could afford them.

  2. I know. I can't even imagine the prices.