My camera has officially stopped cooperating with me when it comes to outfit snaps. Every time I try to take photos in my alley the lighting blurs and bleaches them out. I've tried adjusting everything with no real success so I guess I'll just have to try some new places. These may be the last alley photos for a little while...

I kept that last one because it turned out so weird. This was my early evening errand running ensemble. It was windy as fuck outside but the 50 degree weather is a welcome change from freezing rain. Now we just get normal rain. 
I've been inside nearly all the time working on hats for a local fashion show. The crap weather makes hibernation easy. Thank goodness winter is almost over. Spring will bring all sorts of madness and surprises!
Hat, Jacket, Skirt, Gloves, and Top are Vintage, Bag is H&M, Tights are American Apparel, Shoes are Kimchi Blue, Scarf is from the lost and found at work.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your outfit posts dearly. It's so nice to see someone with style for daaaaays <3

  2. Perfect outfit! I especially like the pom poms.

  3. Maya says:

    so grand, I absolutely love it!

  4. the jacket skirt combo is so cute!

  5. Thanks everyone!

  6. Elvis says:

    Love you in yellow!
    And that camera glitch makes these photos look magical ! Haha.