Here I am in front of Travelers after a tea date with one of my most adorable friends, Ifrah. We both braved a violent rainstorm on our way over which means I was confined to boots once again. I just bought this Spring dress and was so excited to show it off only to have to cover it up with my old black faux fur coat. By the time tea was done, the sun had come out and suddenly we were both over dressed.

I had masala cashews and a blend of lychee and floral teas to make myself feel more Spring like. Seattle is so impossible to dress for. It's not freezing anymore, it's just cold. One minute the sun is out and the next minute it's a downpour. The wind is always blowing hard. I can only be happy about the fact that it's finally warm enough to wear sheer tights again.
I am so happy to feature Ifrah on this blog in her punky school outfit. Her style is a great mix of cultural meets casual with a healthy dose of rock and roll. She has gorgeous Somalian features and always looks put together, topping everything off with her fabulous fro! She is currently writing for College Fashionista covering style at Seattle University. I hope to feature her again on a brighter day.
Tomorrow The Stranger is coming over to do an interview with me for an upcoming feature on local designers. I've never done a live interview so I hope it goes well! 
Till next time...

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  1. Love the blouse and shoes!
    You look gorgeous!


  2. Bri says:

    your friend's style is awesome! and so are your boots. are they vinyl/rain boots?

  3. Oh wow! She is beautiful, I love her outfit, and yours of course! x

  4. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to catch Ifrah again for this blog!

  5. Eda says:

    Wow I lo~ve that shirts and boots!
    so lovely.
    specially that boots is what I wanted before.