Not to mention inspired hats, inspired nails, and inspired nudity. This show is is like Xanadu Streetwalker meets lady godiva on vacation. I can never get enough leopard print and the head pieces remind me of my moms 80's earring collection. The show itself is minimally over the top. See for yourself...

For a while here I remember local drag crew Amoania, Anita $nak, and Mo' Dee Tradjetee splatter painting their extra long fake nails before a night out. Everyone would be at Amoania's getting ready, spilling eyeshadow and liquid latex everywhere and drinking beer in Amoania's apartment which was filled with doll parts and cacti and vintage magazines. There would always be sets of nails setting out to dry next to a couple cans of spray paint. The nails in this show remind me of those. 5 different day-glo colors and slightly dangerous looking. I remember once all the girls glued them on they couldn't do a single thing because of how long they were so everyone else would spend all evening retying shoes and fetching wallets and cigarettes out of their purses. By the end of the night you would find broken nails scattered all over the floor of the club, haha.
I hope this show inspires you to throw on more hats, more hair, more nails, and absolutely nothing else!


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  1. San Smith says:

    loooove all of this. I've been wanting to try to recreate that bustier with the leopard trim for a while.

  2. Ah, you should! It's so ridiculous. I love that it looks like it's just taped onto her.