This dress is ideal. It's neon but not too neon. It's fancy but not too fancy. It's casual but not too casual... I bought it a couple weeks ago. The 60s does it yet again. I actually have a few dresses made of this fabric at home in red, blue, and yellow. And I have a few yards of it in pink. It's a sign that I ought to knock off the pattern so I can make similar dresses for everybody!

I'm going to do a style post on the movie "Daisies" soon. It inspired me to wear this chain of flowers in my hair that I found in my faux flower bag (every girl needs one). It might be a bit too hippy for my taste but it was a fun way to welcome Spring under the cherry trees!
I took a cue from Alexandre Herchcovitch and matched my lipstick to my dress. Unfortunately I found my lipstick all dried up so the color wasn't as rich as I had hoped. Does anyone else carry chartreuse lipstick besides Manic Panic? 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I kind of think this is like the most perfect outfit I've seen today. It's just SO good in so many ways. I love the biker boots and ripped tights with the ensemble, it makes it more 'wearable'. But then the flower crown and rad lipstick are just amazing and I feel the need to rip it off it's just that good! Also, was wondering if you'd got a date in mind for the launch of your hats yet? Super excited about that one.

  2. I would be honored to see you rip this off! I can't think of a better candidate! This dress is exactly what I've been wanting to wear lately so I'm glad I came across it!
    As far as the hats go, this month definitely! I'm literally slaving away o a local fashion show right now that is going to do good things for me in the end. That is this Friday meaning next week I can start pumping out hats! I'll say to be safe, 3 weeks from now I'll be putting them up for sale but it may happen sooner. I'm just excited to start dying my velvet. I want lavender first and foremost! So flattered you are anticipating these!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ahh gorgeous! Where do you find these numbers? Also, I'm super excited for your online store. And the hats, of course the hats.

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! You've got amazing style, a really good eye.
    And Daisies is a wonderful film!

  5. Cute dress. Where the hell do you keep finding the sunshine for your pics? Nothing but wind and rain up here on the top of the hill. ;)

  6. Anonymous says:

    The only yellow lipstick I've come across recently is by NYX cosmetics, its called Metis but its a darker shade, almost gold...

  7. Madeline- I got this dress at a local vintage shop here in Seattle called Red Light. So glad you are excited! It's opened now!
    Laura- You are wonderful
    Nark-You would ;)
    Violet-Ha, I'm actually super backed up on outfit posts right now so this is from over a week ago!
    Anonymous-I love NYX . I have a couple yellows but it's hard to find this particular "tennis ball" color!