A giant pastel pom pom makes a wonderful hat. If your hair-do is falling flat just toss one of these on and you'll be a hit! Imagine having hair to match! 
I'm really into hats that look like hair. It's not quite a wig or a hair piece but it reads like one. This particular color of pink mostly reads like a vintage powder puff!

These hats for the SS11 show were made from Ostrich feathers but what would happen if I replicated the design in yarn? Sounds like I have a new weekend project.
I finished three turbans to sell this week and tonight I am making daifuku with coconut and rose mochi for easter. I'm going to wear the floofiest dress I own tomorrow even though it's supposed to rain all day. I hope you are all planning lots of pastel and chocolate covered fun!


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  1. Aidan E says:

    i love when hats get lost in my head haha

  2. Do you wake up in the morning realizing your hat is still on from the night before? I've only done that with bobby pins...