Local vintage junk shop That's Atomic just closed and I wandered down there to pick over their sale items on a sunny afternoon looking ratty and messy. Actually, I had gone by the place on the bust the day before and saw they had a kitschy framed illustration of a lilac poodle much like the ones my friend Kindra used to have in her kitchen. When I went back it had sold and I wasn't surprised so I bought the silly bear illustration instead plus a few other treasures.

Nothing says grungey gross like messy hair under a knit hat and socks bunched up into boots. This dress balances it out a bit. Here are the trinkets I picked up in lieu of the pastel poodle...
The spring bear is so funny. I displayed him in my closet room next to my mothers Wetsey Betsey doll. The framed photo of the little girl with her doll is so wonderful! Look at her little tap shoes. It looks just like my mothers childhood photos. The last item is a Tammy doll carrying case which I'm keeping my compact mirrors and hair ties in right now. I had never heard of Tammy before but when I looked her up online she turned out to be much better than I ever expected! See for yourself.
Hat is vintage from an estate sale. Jacket as my friend Tim's as a child. Dress is vintage from Atlas Clothing . Socks are Urban Outfitters . Boots are Forever 21 .

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  1. I hate that they're out of business. Sadness. ;(

  2. B-Rock says:

    Okay! I'm super jealous you have a Tammy case!Ccase, right?

    I love all the Tammy movies and that case is just awesome!
    Very very good find and I'm sure price!

    So jealous...

  3. There are Tammy MOVIES??? I need to see these. The case is really beat up but I love it just the same.

  4. I have a total obsession with buying old photos of weddings and proms and stuff! I love that photo!

  5. I bet you have an awesome collection!