I'd like to cal this my "I just got kicked in the balls pose". This was my errand running outfit from yesterday. The sun is out here but it's still cold enough to see your breath in the evening. I like to pretend it's warmer and wear cropped jackets and heels with no socks but when I walk around for a period of time, my hands feel like they've frozen off. 
I had just finished painting a couple handfulls of fake flowers black for a hat order I'm working on. My hand is still covered in paint...

Tonight I am putting together the mood board for my turban shoot. Flowers, dolls, and dirty alleys. I can't wait!
Hat is handmade and will be available soon, jacket is a customized hand-me-down from a friend, shirt is hand painted and customized, bangles are vintage, leggings are American Apparel, and heels are vintage from Lucky Vintage .

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  1. Elvis says:

    Red lipstick & your new blue locks is so.. it just works! I love it! Awesome.