Saturday afternoon was sunny and wonderful! After the fashion show the night before, my hair was a wreck from being teased and sprayed. I washed it and it was still gummed up so I just tied it up in a scarf, threw on some sunglasses and went to get lunch with Sarah Galvin . Vegan spicy marinated "duck" salad with apples and spinach, mmmm... This outfit is the ultimate in stylishly lazy. At least when it comes to my closet.

I got these tights from Romwe so I can fake a Stella McCartney look sometime soon. You bet I bought the cream ones as well! Dying to get my hands on some matching fabric.
Speaking of dying, I toned my hair silver on this day and it came out steely blue! Much like a color I had a few months back. I'll post the next set of outfit snaps from this day after the dye job and you wont believe it was only a few hours later, haha. Instant makeover.
Head Scarf is vintage from my Step Grandma, Jacket was my friend Tim's as a child (customized), Necklace from a yard sale, Sweater is from a free pile, Tights from Romwe , Boots are Forever 21 , Glasses are from Beacons Closet (brooklyn).

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