My boyfriend Kyle looked so dashing the other night I decided to feature his outfit on here! A biker hat, worn with a string bow tie and vintage winklepickers never looked so charming! Of course the sex shop doesn't make the classiest background but does in fact make for decent light after dark.

I think he looks like a rock n roll vampire but he was calling the look "evil milkman". Much of the outfit is vintage and the bow tie was made by me. If you think Kyle is as dreamy as I do you should check out his Tumblr.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Traci says:

    He's super dreamy and I love his name for the look.

  2. I'll tell him he has a fan ;)

  3. caroline says:

    This just reminded me how much I love a man in winklepickers. Or a lady for that matter. This has convinced me I should definitely crowbar my boyfriend into a pair!

  4. I think you should as well! I just bought myself a similar style!