I ran into my friend Sev the other day during her break at work looking like she couldn't give a hoot about the burst of sunny weather we've been having. Black lace, metal, fur, and pointy toe boots pull together her unconventional witchy ensemble. Satanic looks are all the rage right now but Sev has pulled off the idea without adding a single upside down cross to the ensemble (a trend that has spiraled a bit out of control).
Her thoughts on the look are fittingly poetic:
The witch, the high priestess, Death herself takes a stroll in town on a sunny morning. A sorceress seeks solace in a city by the sea. Her familiar hangs limply around her neck. She's looking for something. Revenge? A lost lover? The next party? only she knows...

I love the use of the vintage fox stole in this look as it breaks up the black without distracting from it. The choice in nail polish makes the look convincing- the gold stripes on one hand seem almost ritualistic. Sevs gorgeous green eyes top it all off.
Sev's outfit is mostly vintage and DIY. The lace dress is simply handmade from a large piece of fabric. The idea behind the chain accessory across her face came purely by accident, it became tangled in her head scarf one day and it's stayed that way ever since!


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  1. This is just amazing! The hat with the chain is perfect :D

  2. Mio says:

    I'm really digging that look (especially since witchcraft and that sort of spirituality is something that is part of me since my childhood, haha)
    No really, I like it a lot. More people should wear hats, even I forget about them quite often but what's better than a god hat?

  3. I just found your blog thru Helga von Trollop; and i am so excited i might pee myself! LOVE IT!

  4. Thanks everyone! Sev has some crazy mixed up style! And yes, nothing is better than a good hat.
    Welcome Sue! <3

  5. Anonymous says:

    Look at the guy in the background trying to be Kurt Cobain. So lame. . .