It feels as though I'm always out running errands. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite chores! I love stocking up on fresh veggies and fruits and everything in between and maybe picking up a treat for the walk home. 
But wait! Before you venture any further, please check out this interview with me on Bright Young Twins, a blog run by two adorable retro beauties! And as promised, here is the perfect ensemble to wear to the market...

Slacks, a slouchy top, and an up do' make for a breezy weekend get up. A tote bag makes it fit for any errands. I bought lots of nuts on this day. I can't get enough of them. I used to think brazil nuts tasted like dirt but suddenly I'm addicted!
It was so warm out that I got overheated in my leather slacks. Time to swap them out for leather shorts I guess!
Scarf, Slacks, Earrings, Belt, Bangles, and Heels are vintage. Donald Duck shirt is (with thanks) from Romwe.

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  1. I don't know if you shop at Wal*Mart or not, but they have a great trail mix that's Cajun flavored. It has peanuts, butter toffee covered peanuts, sesame sticks, baked corn, and almonds. It's sweet and spicy, and just so good. It's about $5 for a pretty big bag. If you're good at recreating flavors (I'm admitedly not), then you could easily make it at home with your own twist.

    I just adore your lavender/heather grey hair. Very Kelly Osbourne meets Lady Gaga with a splash of Carmen dell Orefice.

  2. Traci says:

    Lovely as always. You're so inspiring to me.

  3. Maya says:

    donald duck!

    this is a brilliant outfit- the colours are what I really love =)

  4. there are so many things i LOVE! The blouse, the turban, the purse! I am totally obsessed with your hair color! Could you tell me what it is? So beautiful! I am looking for a change from red and you are inspiring me to think about pastels =-)

  5. love the clash of colour with the nasty girl black!

  6. Thanks ladies! Daily chores need bright outfits to accompany them!
    Puffs Mommy- Walmart actually doesn't exist here. I think the city has opted to not allow Walmart into it because of what a terrible organization is it. It is a bit like McDonalds in that sense, though unfortunately, there are tons of those here.
    Because I have a sense of humor though, I visited my very first Walmart last fall on a trip to Missouri. I bought glitter hair spray and sparkle heart stickers. Strange place.
    However, the snack mix sounds good. My grandma keeps something similar in her apartment and I always eat too much!

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  8. Psycho Sue: The color in my hair was made by mixing a temporary black with a temporary blue and then diluting it. Adding black will give whatever pastel color you are using, a grey tone!

  9. KZ says:

    What a cute shirt! Disney is pwnage. Nuts are great, I've been getting into walnuts heavily since it's exam time and they're meant to be good for powering your brain, and really amazing in salads.

  10. you definitely have the most amazing style ever.

  11. KZ-Glad you share the nut love!
    Kafka's Wife- Ha, I wish. But thank you! <3

  12. hope505 says:

    ~ hello!~ found you from the Twins' interview!
    * : )
    my blog isn't public but I'll send you an invite anyway...

    introduced to the world-o-drag this year via RuPaul's drag race...
    & I have loved RuPaul forever anyway from the fashion world!