I look like such a little hooligan in this outfit. We haven't a full day of sunshine here in Seattle since Summer began and this day was no exception. I thought a knit beanie would mix well with the unapologetically gray sky. Actually, this is everyone in Seattle's answer to head wear. It's too windy here to keep a wide brimmed hat on for too long, so the head gripping beanie comes into play. It's a useful hat really. It's warm and holds up in a rainstorm.
This was me coming home from meeting a new friend, Hiroko, for tea and fashion talk. We are both searching for a fashion scene here in this gloomy city and we both seem to be coming up short. I will continue to hunt while I"m still here. 
Oh yeah, my hair is ashy blonde now. I promise old lady inspired do's in the near future!
Hat was found, Top is Handmade, Pendant is Stewart Lucas NYC, Leather Slacks are Thrifted, Bangle is H&M, Bag is Miss Oblivious, and Heels are Vintage.

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  1. Those leather pants look so rebellious!

  2. But I love that they are cut like 90s mom jeans!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can see you wearing something like this. Only you could pull this off and make it fabulous. I love it. http://www.notjustalabel.com/shop/29733

  4. Ahahaha, that's amazing! It seems dangerous though! I think it should squirt water to ward off drunk peeing guys.
    The site that it's on is intriguing to me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    haha that'd be ingenious. I know isn't that site wonderful?! I love the comical dresses so much.

  6. R Gratton says:

    soo guud, dats that "goin to the post office, grocery this old thang" look