Here I am yesterday on my DAY OFF. No sewing, no shows, no day job. I slept past noon and hung around. Seattle is wet, gray, and humid. No matter what time it is it feels like you just woke up. It feels like camping, waking up in a cool damp tent and all of your clothes are cold. It's my least favorite feeling. It's impossible to wake up these days.
Me and Kyle were on our way to see Gainsbourg, A Heroic Life at the Seattle International Film Festival. I wore my new vintage knit mini that Kyle picked out for me the other day. It is the perfect shade of cream. Cream is much better than white.
The film made me hate it here even more. France is so beautiful. Sculptures and stone walls and little apartments with pretty window panes and other quaint things. I remember places like that from living in Amsterdam. Our little water heater above the sink with the flame that would come on and off. Or our little attic window that I would climb out of during summer and sit on the roof. I wasn't happy enough to enjoy any of it back then but that's all I seem to want these days.
In much better news, my friend and local DJ LA Kendall has done an interview with me on her blog HERE.

On our way to the film a man gave me this pretty little rose. I've put it in a glass. I also ran into my friend Natasha of Lady Krishnas Peppermint Lounge and I was happy that we were both dressed in black and wooly cream ensembles. Natasha always looks so wonderful and has some of the most eccentric hats I've seen. I love this shaggy black yarn one she is wearing. She is truly one of the best and most magical people in Seattle.
Hat is vintage from my friend Sacha Peet, Flower veil is vintage from Pretty Parlor, Jacket was my friend Tim's as a child, customized, Cross Earrings are handmade, Necklace is vintage Stewart Lucas NYC, Dress and boots are vintage from Red Light, Stockings are American Apparel, Bag is H&M.

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  1. Vivian says:

    finally you're back! I'm kind of a lurker here, but I love love love your style! You really are a rocking girl. And I loved your post about your work, and I especially loved the fact that you go to work dressed up. You rock, yes, definitely!

  2. love natasha! very awesome picture of you two!

  3. Vivian-I'm glad you are lurking! Thank you! yes, hats are one of my many odd jobs. I do have a very dull day job too which I war a uniform for but that isn't worth posting about.
    Sugar-Thanks! It turned out well! Perfect street shot!

  4. Janelle says:

    Cool Post! I have friend who lives in Seattle and she says it's gloomier than gloom there....

  5. Insomnia says:

    I can't even describe how much I love this look!
    And I have the same bag, somewhere :)

  6. Yes, it's super gloomy here, I can't stand it. It's sunny today though!
    I love this bag. I had to find it second hand through egl community sales though...

  7. Isabel says: