Local Burlesque starlet Lily Verlaine is competing this weekend for the title of Miss Exotic World in Las Vegas. Miss Exotic World is one of the highest competitive titles one can achieve in burlesque. My friend, local designer Danial Hellman, is creating her Stargazer Lilly gown for the event and I have been hired to fashion a matching hat. If you ever wondered what a fitting looks like, here it is...

This was the mid stage of the ensemble. You can see Danial adjusting the zipper of the handmade hand dyed corset and safety pinning Lily into the bodice of the gown. The petals have since been airbrushed and then rhinestoned. You can also see a small camera crew in the background filming the fitting for a documentary.
I'm fitting her with a mockup design of the petal shaped hat which I made of buckram and wire. you can see the wire stamens I taped on jutting out from the petal. The designs worked great on everyones part so over all it was a successful fitting!
So what does one wear to a fitting? I opted for a Betsey Johnson velveteen suit paired with a slouchy punk top, sheer stockings, and a tote. A black beret adds a professional touch.
I've been on an internet break these last few days balancing 3 nights of performing in L'Edition Francaise with creating the Stargazer headpiece. I am so excited to share both with you plus other eclectic things I have been doing. Today I am taking time to myself thank goodness!
You can learn more about the Stargazer gown and donate to it HERE.
Hat from the lost and found at work, Suit is Betsey Johnson, Top is from Trash and Vaudeville, Earrings are handmade, Tights are American Apparel, Shoes are vintage from Redlight, Bangle is H&M, and Tote is from Miss Oblivious.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Love her outfit! She's look amazing!

  2. Helen says:

    Really fun and interesting post! The work that goes into these things :)

  3. Yay! Yeah, I am so excited to see it all rhinestoned and completed!

  4. KZ says:

    WOAH that's an amazing gown!

  5. Heaven says:

    Are your nails real? Theyre so long and healthy looking! Jealous.
    Her whole look is beautiful I love the colors so much!

  6. KZ-I know, It's so awesome!
    Heaven-Ha, I wish. No, I've been wearing acrylics for about a year and a half. They are affordable if you go to a cheap salon and they never chip!