I've been seeing this top pop up in magazines and online for months now and I'm finally coming clean about how much I love it. The look is so chic and yet totally over the top. An understated over statement. I am dying to know what the material of the stripes is. Jersey? Velvet? The design inspires me to no end. Follow the jump for more looks.

With vinyl and leather grocery bags and now, these sheer stripe tanks, I'm finding myself falling quite hard for Jil Sanders designs. What about you?


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  1. my girlfriend always talks about wanting to be a female drag queen...i said she was being silly...i'm going to show her your site and et my words! you're wicked!

  2. Helen says:

    I'm just loving the lipstick on that model!

  3. Thanks Turd! She should give it a try!
    Helen-Isn't it wonderful? Matte rose...

  4. Love it! I'd totally wear the top!