I've gotten several anxious requests from folks eager to see the Stargazer Hat in completion. You remember the mockup design from the fitting of course. Here is the hat in completion! A giant abstract stargazer lilly petal!

The foundation is buckram and wire covered in fuchsia silk dupioni. The stamens are painted millinery wire and bound orange thread. A buckram fascinator base and a set of pin loops keep it on the head. Danial did the airbrush design to match the petals on the dress and then the hat was rhinestoned using over 6 different crystals.
The Miss Exotic World Pageant in Vegas happened last night and Miss Lily Verlaine took second runner up for Miss Exotic World 2011 in her Stargazer gown and hat! Way to go! Can't wait to see photos!


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  1. Wow, it's really a piece of art. Amazing!

  2. Thanks cutie! It matches your hair!

  3. I just found your blog through Your's Truly, X. Love the fabulousness and fierceness.

    And I'm so glad that I have finally found another female in this world who saw The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at a young age and was just transfixed by drag queens! I've always kind of felt like I had a little gay man inside of me, and now I really let him out of the closet.

  4. Lovely! I've forsaken Pink to do Orange myself.

  5. Thanks Puff! Welcome! Yeah, Priscilla had a lot of influence on me!
    Thanks Purple Mark!