1. Our lovely room.  2. The view out the train window  3. A vintage coin operated monkey band.  4. Gorgeous purple flowers in Oakland  5. Cheapo Mexican eats  6. Me and my new friend Stephen (photo by him)  7. Ricky Martin's handprints  8. Rice!  9. Kyle on an abandoned mattress in Oakland  10. Scary dog sign at a seemingly dog-less house  11. The steps to the B.A.R.T.  12. Paper crane corsage  13. Riding on the train to Los Altos  14. Indica is airborne (photo by Stephen)  15. Golden hydrant!  16. Stephen and Kyle (photo by Stephen)  17. Paper crane wedding bouquet  18. Me with new friends (photo by Stephen)

Exploring the Bay Area last weekend was a welcome change from the never ending gloom of summer in Seattle. We were treated to a lovely apartment all to ourselves thanks to some very generous new friends in Oakland. Everything was so gorgeous and colorful and blooming with flowers everywhere we went. 
Though time was incredibly limited, I tried to explore as much as possible catching a quick glimpse of Chinatown, Downtown, and the Mission. Chinatown was dizzying and lovely. Downtown was refreshingly full of uppity designer shops which contrasted nicely against the Mission where a girl who was covered in open sores with a blender-like hair cut  dressed in a little girls night gown asked us for money before screaming for an extended period of time at her friend named "Black Eye Peter" and then, later, a refrigerator sized man shouted an endless stream obscenities  into a Mexican restaurant  while customers tiptoed around him to get inside.
I visited my Grandfather and took a box of great vintage finds home with me that I'll be sharing about soon. I attended an inspiring wedding. I made lots of new friends. 
I regret not seeing more drag there aside from a jesus preaching black tranny hooker yelling on the street in a bad wig and a gold vinyl mini, and while that is all good and well, I hope to visit again to see Trannyshack and do a bit of night clubbing.
All in all, I think a little bit of sun was good for me.
Since I've been back things have been changing quite fast and dramatically in my life and I'll have some exciting news for you all soon. My life is certainly moving in a direction and if anything, this blog is going to get a hell of a lot more interesting as I take you all along for my adventure.
I hope you are as ready as I am.

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  1. Traci says:

    Sounds like a fun time. I have yet to visit SF, my husband used to live there and his stories have peaked my interest.

  2. Those music monkeys are intriguing yet terrifying. Out of all the fun stuff you just wrote about I choose to respond about the monkeys, go figure!

  3. Traci- You should! It's a fun place!
    BTD-I took a video of the monkeys too. I'm tempted to send it to you...