So glad to be jetting off to California in just a few hours. It's been so grey in Seattle these days that I've just been pretending its fall and wearing leather, sweaters, boots, and blouses. It will be so strange to be out in the sunshine every day this weekend!
We are staying in Oakland and will be coming down to San Francisco as much as possible. Aside from attending a wedding and visiting my Grandfather I'm excited to check out some vintage shops and indulge in some greasy vegan food! It will be an adventure!
In other exciting news, I got my first request from a magazine editorial for a hat so currently one of my turbans is flying off to NYC to be used in a fashion spread which I'm endlessly happy about!! More details on that in the coming months. It wont be released for a while.
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Hat, glasses, and bangles are Vintage. Top is a romper from forever 21. Skirt is H&M. Boots are Wetseal (customized).

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  1. Kali says:

    Welcome to Oakland! (My adopted city I love so much.) I am heading off for camping this tomorrow, otherwise I would offer to show you some good spots around here. We have been having a kinda cold summer, but it has warmed up just in time for your arrival. Have fun!

    I really enjoy following your blog, Stella!

  2. Savannah says:

    Lovin this outfit! :)

  3. mid over matter, eh? you are adorbs!

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Kali, the weather was perfect! The buildings were so gorgeous there all painted and blooming with flowers. i regret not seeing a late night movie at the Paramount.

  5. Victoria says:

    This look is amazing! I love it! xxx