I'm staying at my mom's this month, prior to the big move and I'm taking the opportunity to watch all her VHS tapes during my stay. I prefer VHS to DVD any day. I hate those automated DVD menu's. They always ruin a good film...
Anyway, I took these awful stills of the gorgeous Katerina Cavalieri from a scene in Amadeus (1984). I forgot how much these images impacted me when I was younger. The bright red lips and black eyeliner are so blatant against the powder and pastel hues of the scene. 
It seems that Eighteenth Century inspiration has been creeping its way into fashion editorials and shows every since Sofia Coppola "brought it back" with her film Marie Antionette, but it's scenes like this one that really get my inspiration flowing. If you haven't seen this ridiculous but very good movie, you really ought to. The wigs and costume work are to die for, and if you take Mozart's word for it, the score is the die for as well.


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  1. Aidan E says:

    awe that's super cool, people really don't understand how inspirational this new eighteenth century work that pops up like Sofia's work is mouth watering!

  2. oooh me too I hate DVDs! I loved the VHS so I will soon go live with my grandmother, and she has a VHS player! YOUPIII


  3. It is inspiring look and with all of the skin cancer scares it will only be a matter of time before pristine white skin is a coveted thing again. Isn't it funny to stumble upon things from your youth and realize you were influenced by them?

    I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts. I tagged you with THE BEST BLOG award. You can find it here:


    Have a pretty week!

  4. Oh man me too.. preferring VHS *and* loving Amadeus as a younger girl. Wolfie!!!!! That movie was so gritty, way better than MA (though it was good for eye candy). Let them eat trends!

  5. See? We need to bring VHS back! Lets see what else I can dig up at my Moms...

  6. Traci says:

    You know, I barely saw Amadeus last year when I moved in with my husband. He has it and I couldn't believe I'd never seen it. It's definitely a feast for camp lovers. I know what you mean about VHS I just can't give up any of my tapes just yet (even though they take up so much room.)