All I do these days is haul bags and boxes from one location to the next. The weather has been gorgeous which is great since I've been out so often. I've been dressing as comfortably as I can while I run my less-than-glamorous errands. 
My mother found this vintage silk skirt for me somewhere. I look like some kind of punk peasant in this ensemble. 
Later that day, I was presented with a giant bouquet of poppy red flowers from a local florist which was fun to carry home. Everyone smiles at you when you carry a bouquet down the street! Especially when it matches your outfit!
If you live in Seattle you should stop by my yard sale tomorrow from 12-4 on 15th and Harrison. I'm selling off most of my fabric and tons of other sewing items such as buttons, beads, ribbons, and lace. There will also be a box of free remnants- perfect for quilters or pastie makers! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Scarf, heels, and skirt are vintage, top is TRASH IN VAUDEVILLE.

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  1. Marlena says:

    I'm loving the punk peasant look! <3 And I wish I could come to your yard sale! I would probably end up buying everything.

    If it's still available I'd be happy to take that Barbie bracelet off your hands! ^.^

  2. I Love your outfit.You look really nice.I wish i could go to your yard sale. xx

  3. Marlena-I'm totally sending you some leftover items. Don't worry, they're awesome!
    Thank you ladies!

  4. Kelly-Ann says:

    I carried a bouquet down the street yesterday and got the exact same reaction :D I think it might have to do with what a great mood it put me in. My positivity was positively infectious.

    Lovely outfit. The turban gives it a real kick in the side.

  5. One of my FAVORITE outfits I've ever seen you in. So effective, yet comfortable to wear. I think I might try to copy that scarf wrap style! Poppies would have been lovely!

  6. Lydia says:

    So cool! I love this look!