Out and about the Lower East Side yesterday on a dreary Manhattan afternoon. I've been dying to wear this vintage hat since I bought it at Redlight 2 weeks ago in Seattle. I shipped it to the East Coast minutes after the purchase and have been waiting patiently to be reunited with it ever since! 
Would you believe my great grandmother knitted this top? This one of several gems I've found hidden in my my Grandmas closet. I wore it out to the farmers market followed by raspberry fudge ice cream at Lula's. I've managed to avoid all the post hurricane rain showers. Waiting until my vintage umbrellas arrive from Seattle for those. Till next time!

Vintage hat from Redlight Seattle, Glasses from Beacons Closet, Top made by my Great Grandmother, Belt from my mother, Pants and heels are thrifted.

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  1. R Gratton says:

    You NOW have a reason to get dressed up and beee Fab. NEXT LEVEL!

  2. Jemibook says:

    Welcome to New York! Which borough are you staying in?

  3. Wow! Great knitting skills great grandma. Sounds like you are fitting in perfectly in NY. I love that you are going to the Advanced Style event. I love that site, hopefully you'll post some stuff from it.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm staying on the upper West side right now!
    Just got back from the Advanced Style party which was amazing. Report coming soon!

  5. Absolutely j'adore vintage hats. Lucky you for snatching it up!

  6. I'm crazy about this one!

  7. kudzu says:

    Oh, my God: a Margy sweater! I still have a beautiful sea-blue-green cardigan she made for my high school graduation when your Great-Aunt Marian and I were best friends.

    Glad to find your blog and to see what you're up to in Gotham. I know that Caroline and Arnie must be happy to have you there.

    I'm looking forward to your adventures! Bon chance!!

    Pat Sayer Fusco

  8. Hey Pat! Catching up on emails and finally finding the time respond to you! Your cardigan sounds beautiful!