I took this about 5 seconds before a giant rain storm hit and I found myself running down the street jumping over puddles in my leopard heels! This sea of painted metal railings is outside of my place in Manhattan. The rain lasted only through the evening and it's been sunny ever since, a welcome change from Seattles endless wetness. 
I've been getting by doing mending, tailoring, and alterations on the side and am moving into the wide world of styling. I am also beginning to get organized and start up my own sewing and design projects again. Moving takes up so much time but I'm so glad to be here.

Hat- Vintage from Redlight / Coat- Vintage / Blouse- Vintage from Mafalda / Belt- Vintage from my mom / Shorts- Reworked / Shoes- A yardsale

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  1. Maya says:

    haha that's awful about the rain! but it sounds like it washed everything out for the sunshine.

    Really elegant outfit, love the leopard colours!

  2. Vivian says:

    Good luck, girl, youre so lucky living in Manhattan :) I love leopard print btw, so I like your outfit :)

  3. OK Stella, I've always wanted to know this.. How do you take your pics, you take them yourself? Set the camera on timer or you always have the same friend take them for you? Just always wondered that.

    This picture is very fun, shows the city girl you are.

  4. The beauty about New York is... The rain doesn't last long and the sun always comes back out!

  5. Great outfit as always! I's love to go to New York. Maybe one day.



  6. Thanks everyone!
    Sugartown: I ake them myself with my camera timer which is tricky!
    Yva: Yes! That's what I love about it!

  7. Take the pics yourself huh? Well, not only are you a great designer, model, fashionista, but a great photographer!