December is by far the coziest time of the year. This month I'm making time to go ice skating and make gingerbread men! It gets so cold in New York and the only way I can see being prepared for it is to stock up on lots and lots of vintage fur. I'm wanting a vintage mink coat more than ever right now and I'm gonna hit up some vintage sales and try to find an extra warm one. I'm pulling out my thigh high socks as well to combat the weather. I think they're great because they are so easy to pull up or push down as you go from outside to in. I also plan to fight the cold by carrying homemade hot soup with me every day in a thermos. I made lentil last night and I'm thinking of doing tomato next. I am crazy about Lime Crime's new Carousel Gloss which I've been wearing since I got it. The color is vivid and the glitter ups the shine factor. Speaking of glitter, tis the season for glitter EVERYTHING and since I can't afford Miu Miu I'm in the process of creating some glittery new accessories for myself as well as you all! Try metallic gold nail polish this month which is festive enough for Christmas and perfect for New Years eve! I am on a mod kick right now and nothing says mod like faux lashes. Wear them to work and then out to a holiday party in the evening. Some people hate Christmas music but as long as Brenda Lee is in the mix I'm happy. Go listen to I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Clause right now! 
And finally, I'm making a big hair change in a few days which I've been anticipating for a long time. This minty hair should give you a hint of what it might be! I can't wait!
What are you excited about this December?


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  1. vimari says:

    my birthday! ha ha

    i m fall in love too, in "candy apple" and "gold ticket". i will order it in this week :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I bought Candy Apple as well.

  3. The coat is gorgeous, & I absolutely love those glitter heels!


  4. Thigh-high socks on my list as well, what a small world

  5. Oh you're gonna be one minty minx. This is the best December must-have list! I love the incorporation of dazzle in the small things and just piling fur onto the rest.. hopefully you'll find an awesome coat. For me, well, I should think about that. You've inspired me to dig out my leopard coat!

    PS Can't wait to see what glitter accessories you make. Those collars were too damn cute.

  6. Ooooo. A lot of these things are on my Christmas wish list too! good stuff! ^_^



  7. I love your December must-haves. I wish I could pull off mint hair but I have too much yellow in my skin so the one time I had teal highlights I looked sea sick. LOL. Thanks for sharing the Carousel lip gloss, I'm in need some of that!

  8. Thanks ladies! I'm glad I've inspired you to go leopard Brenda! And yes, the carousel gloss is great. It's bright and doesn't bleed. The glitter is more subtle than it looks online but that makes it more wearable for everyday. If you want high glitz lips, dab loose glitter on between coats.