I spent a rainy night in the East Village sipping cocktails by candlelight and watching some live music. I dug out my old neon heels I've had since I was 16. I have so many pairs of shoes that are so beat up- namely several pairs of red vintage heels that I've loved practically to death and I'm trying not to wear them any more to avoid looking completely ragged. Does anyone else have that problem? You wear your favorite items literally to bits and then you cant bear to throw them away... Does anyone know a good DIY projects I could create with old heels? Hmmm...

Hat is vintage. Hat pin by Larry Shox. Coat by  ... Blazer by American Apparel. Top is Urban Outfitters.  Leather shorts are reworked vintage. Heels are Steve Madden. Bag is H&M.

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  1. Maya says:


    I really like the yellow and hearts matching.

    The only diy thing I can think of is just decorating them, sticking things on top if you can't just repaint them. then again, you could grow some plants in them! (if they truly are unwearable)

  2. Robin Carrigan says:

    Take them to a good shoe repair guy. It can run you $20-50 a pair, but that's nothing compared to losing an old friend. These guys are world class. http://www.bnelsonshoes.com/womens.asp

  3. Maya: ha maybe I should try to grow plants in them. Or I could hang them on a telephone wire!
    Robin- they might be beyond that. The leather is ripped and worn and the nails that used to hold the heel tip are worn down. It's sad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your hair = perfect.


  5. Thank you Ivory and Siolo!