Here's a New Year's worthy look I thought I'd share with you a day late. Did I wear this on New Years? Well...no. But I did wear it to a Christmas party a few weeks ago in the biggest New York City apartment I've ever been in! 
Can you believe I found this dress in a thrift shop in Harlem for $10? Vintage is so expensive here it's a wonder I found anything vaguely old for such a low price, especially a sequin dress from the 1960s!
I've been wearing this fur turban hat I created out of a vintage fur skull cap and mink collar. I call it a furban. Can you think of a better name?
I hope everyone had a glorious New Years eve and an even better New Years day!

Hat: Vintage Customized  Dress: Vintage  Tights: Pretty Polly/Topshop  Heels: Fredricks of Hollywood

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  1. I love the whole look but those tights are so cool. I'm glad things are going great for you in the big apple.

  2. haha furban! Hope the new year brings you happiness, We both love reading your blog.

    Harriett xx

  3. you'd make a marvellous mermaid with that seafoam hair and mother of pearl dress!

  4. Goldie says:

    you have to go to goodwills and salvation army's because vintage is an arm and a leg.
    You might like Reminiscence on 26th ave or something. I dunno.

  5. Thank you ladies! Maybe I'll turn in to a mermaid!
    Harriet- I love reading your blog as well. You two always look pitch perfect!
    Goldie-Are you the Goldie I met here? I need to email you!