Its so amazing living in such a stylish place. Sometimes it seems as though ill fitting clothing or tawdry items simply don't exist in NYC. I tried a typical New York look on this day: A crisp shirt, a long skirt, a motorcycle jacket, and a healthy dose of leopard print. I think the look could have been a bit more colorful but it was perfect for a day of museums, shopping, and visiting a local vegan chocolate cafe. My friend Blake is in town so I've been doing touristy fun things with her on my days off. Soon it will be time to go back to working hard which I'm actually really looking forward to.
Who else can say they love the style in their city?

Scarf is Vintage. Sunglasses are Miu Miu. Jacket is from a friend. Scarf was found. Shirt is American Apparel. Skirt is Vintage. Tights were a gift. Heels were thrifted.

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  1. i love your style no matter which city you're in!

  2. Sam says:

    I just found your blog through Lookbook and I love it! I love how edgy your style is. You rarely see something like that here in my country. Ok, there are a few in Amsterdam and big city's like that, but not in mine!


  3. Ati Lin says:

    Fierce style!! Love it!!!

  4. Roma says:

    oh my god stella you are so rad! i am seriously jealous of your miu miu frames! you look like a badass

  5. Anonymous says:

    WOAH WAIT A MINUTE... it is so funny that I randomly came across your blog because I have been fantasizing about dying my hair this color for so long and I know I will never have the balls to do it. I just bought a wig yesterday the same color and style as your hair... but yours is real and mine is fake and lame haha. You are officially the most rad person. I love your style!

  6. Fantastic outfit! The animal print on the shoes and the edgy belt are fantastic. Hey, do you ever do requests? For example, what would you wear to a gallery opening, winter evening, sexy art?

  7. Thank you so much everyone and welcome new folllowers!
    Snugglepuff: don't be afraid to dye your hair! You can always dye it back!
    Siolo- I've never tried to do an outfit request but if was going to such an art opening I would wear a low cut black pantsuit with red accessories to stay warm while showing a bit if skin!

  8. Yeah! I love pantsuits and pops of color are great.