Cheerio chaps! Here is an outfit I've been wanting to share for months (this should give you an idea of my schedule these days). I found this gorgeous drop waist jumper dress at the Manhattan Vintage Show back in October and I can't get over how great it looks with this leather cap I found in my step-grandma's dusty old closet last summer. an outfit worthy of a walk down Carnaby street after studying with school mates. Though I'm not in school or in London, one can daydream...
I removed my extensions the other night and toned my hair blonde to make way for more colors. It was strange to have a powdery blonde bob again only for the day. I love how interchangeable hair is. Right.

Hat is vintage. Blouse is American Apparel. Dress is vintage. Shoes are vintage.

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  1. wow that dress fits you like a glove, perfec shape and the color is simply insane! looking good

  2. You look amazing. I love your blog so much. I found it the other night and I read back sooooo many posts. I have a friend that teases me sometimes for wearing coloured wigs and stuff and so I stopped for a while but reading your blog has made me realise that was a dickish thing to do (I'm 21 !!! I sound like a 16 year old) and I just want to go out and find loads of amazing clothes to wear now. Like this dress your wearing ! If you like you can send it over to me and I'll wear it down Carnaby street for you ;) haha Stay cool lady, Molly xo

  3. Marlena says:

    F L A W L E S S *__*

  4. Love the dress you look great in it.You are so pretty.Love your blog. Gem xx

  5. Thanks ladies! Yes, don't you all love the drop waist?
    Molly: Welcome! You should dress in a way that makes you happy no matter what anyone says! London has incredible style. You are lucky to live in the UK. Stay weird. ;)