I want to apologize for my lack of updates on here. I've been balancing day jobs with an internship at a haberdashery in midtown which leaves only a few hours free each day for me to do anything I really care about. It breaks my heart that I can't blog every day like some people can. A change is clearly needed but till then I'm gonna try hard to keep doing what I love as much as I can.
Speaking of work, my day jobs are in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn everyone has a baby and a dog and a beard and dresses like they're going on really impractical camping trips. Because of this I find the need to wear plaid nearly every day I'm there. I mean, it's not that bad with a beehive and a sheer blouse right?
My hair has faded to a minty blonde and I'm taking my extensions out tonight because they are past their prime. I hope I can save them! Also, I'm shooting the ad for my glitter collars this week and can't wait to reveal the finished product to you all!! One step at a time (when I find the time)...

Blouse and skirt are vintage from my step mom. Shoes are Topshop.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, love!


  2. Amazing wardrobe would love to have a route around in there! Great outfit.

  3. brittany says:

    hahaha your observation about Brooklynites is funny and true! However, I believe that would be considered the "hipster neighborhood" in Brooklyn with in which name we won't mention heheh. Love your blog!

  4. Thanks ladies! Concerning Brooklyn, I'm actually working south of the super hip area. It's where the grown up hipsters go to get married and have babies, haha.

  5. vio says:

    oh wow wow wow!
    i love your wardrobe
    and you're wonderful! :)

    // take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.

  6. Thank thanks thanks vio!