Sugar Lips Apparel was kind enough to send me this rockin' mesh top from their collection. I wore it to an evening wedding the other night along with my vintage Imagnin mint suit and a spring floral hat. I left my straightener in California and since I can't undercurl my bob without it I've just been teasing my hair up everyday. It makes me feel like I should take up smoking and wear more leather and baby pink lipstick. It makes me feel like running away but not very far because I like being in New York. Maybe I'll just run away for a little while until my beehive falls flat and then I'll have to go home and brush it out and face reality again.
If anyone wants to run away with me we could start a girl gang or something and wear tattered vintage hats and carry switchblade lipsticks and kick boys and stuff. Running away should never be very well planned.

Hat is vintage Saks Fifth Avenue. Suit is vintage IMAGIN. Shirt is Sugar Lips Apparel. Earrings are vintage. Lipstick is a combination of Lime Crime D'Lilac and Swagger Cosmetics Dolores.

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  1. Celia Bow says:

    That hat is so gorgeous!!!

  2. L▲UR▲ says:

    Fab, that gang sounds cool.

  3. I'm in!!! ^^ It'd be good to kick reality into its face sometimes...

  4. UGH, you look so Dior a la 1960s!

    GREAT way to wear a loose and modern shirt with a fitted vintage skirt! The shirt looks especially nice when you wear it with those gloves. Its a perfect quirky blend of casual and fancy.

    And it's so crazy how well your shoes work with your outfit...

    Plus, the girl gang sounds so bad ass ;)

    The Quiet Spaces

  5. Lovely as always. I love the hat.

  6. love love the hat piece and the color combination! you look stylish but in your onw way, and the pastel colors look just perfect on you

  7. I just keep falling more and more in love with your outfits!


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  9. Thanks ladies! So many sweet comments! Grrl gang is go!

  10. Roma says:

    omg babe attack. i can't get over how perfect this outfit is. you are freaking amazing.

  11. Sabina says:

    NYC is definitely in need of some girl gangs at the moment so count me in. Great outfit; the mesh top, vintage hat and toeless tights are the perfect touches.

  12. Thanks Roma and Sabina!