Props to my Grandfather Arnold Roth for taking these photos of me creeping around outside the Princeton Cemetery which was gorgeous on a grey afternoon. These days I've had a bad habit of waking up angry and accidentally drawing my brows on to match my mood. Drag face forever.
My grandfather had an art show this day at a location directly across the street from this grave yard. You can view old and new works by him on his blog. Do I have any followers in Princeton?

Hat is vintage. Coat is vintage Lily Ann. Heels are vintage Saks Fifth Avenue. Skirt is H&M. Top is American Apparel.

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  1. That's awesome your that grandfather's artist and that he took your pictures. Bonus blogger points right there.

    And I like your brows. They're very expressive and moody-looking.

    And lastly, I absolutely love your shirt and coat combination. It's so sophisticated but then you give your own quirky edge to the conservative 60s theme.

    You're a beautiful drag queen! ;)

    The Quiet Spaces

  2. A perfect outfit! And a great blog :)


  3. Safiya says:

    SOOOO amazing :)

  4. Vivian says:

    I like your hair colour, as usual, but I was wondering - are your eyebrows naturally light or dark? I like how you draw them but that would be tricky if they are dark already, I bleach mine sometimes, when I have a light hair colour.

  5. Angel says:

    Cute! I really like the shoes and jacket!

  6. Great pictures. I love how he captured the background and the yellow flowers look perfect behind your outfit.

  7. Thanks for the super sweet comments everyone!
    Vivian: Mine are very dark naturally. I pluck them out from the outer edges and draw the arch up in a matching pencil.

  8. Vivian says:

    Ahh, I get i, thanks! :)