My Grandfathers funeral was the first I've ever attended. It was also the first time I'd set foot in a church in about 10 years. I'm becoming sort of enamoured with catholic imagery and couldn't help but imagine bringing the large alter at the front of the church home with me to use as the head of a gilded bed frame. Something about sheer black stockings, gloves, and little white collars, holy cards, shades of gold and royal blue, goblets of wine, sullen looking white people, candles, death. I probably shouldn't be drawing inspiration from my Grandfathers funeral but I feel like that was the most relevant aspect of the experience for me to share on this blog. 

Jacket, dress, hat, gloves, and heels are vintage. Cross earrings are customized vintage. Stockings are American Apparel.

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  1. It's seriously crazy all the places where you can draw inspiration from. I get inspired by the weirdest things, too.

    (P.S.) I love how the majority of your outfit is vintage. You look like you came just out of the past, which is pretty difficult for a lot of people to pull off without it coming off like a costume. You definitely got that "retro vibe" so little people have.

  2. Angel says:

    You look like a 1940's actress! Beautiful outfit! You are so pretty too. >o<


  3. Thanks ladies!
    Leira: I'm glad you understand, haha.

  4. Celia Bow says:

    You look so gorgeous, I love your sheer gloves and veil, so chic!

  5. It's great that you share even moments like this... and well, you can take inspiration even from the gloomy side of life.
    And I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather.