I live uptown but I'm a downtown girl at heart. I love the daytime uniform all the girls downtown wear: messy hair, big sunglasses, a cropped jacket, and something flowing underneath. This ensemble is my homage to them.
I finally got my nails back- long glittery claws. No more short stubby chipped natural nails for me. I got Calgel nails and so far I love them. What do you think?
I'm also obsessed with these espedrilles I bought at Dry Goods in Brooklyn. Apparently it's the same brand Picasso wore (I only hope it's the same style too). They are so comfortable and perfect for the 70+ degree weather we've been having. NYC is gorgeous right now and I'm thankful every day I spend in it.

Glasses are Miu Miu. Dress is vintage Jack Mulqueen. Leather Jacket is a hand me down. Espedrilles from Dry Goods.

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  1. I love that jacket! So great.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing jacket!!

  3. Your glitter-dipped nails are so purty and magical ;) 3rd photo reminds me of the Seven Year Itch with the wind billowing your skirt. Not only are you paying homage to the downtown girls, but to Marilyn Monroe as well--maybe unexpectedly?

    The Quiet Spaces

  4. I just found you and added you on Google reader. I LIKE your look and will enjoy seeing your "dragness."

  5. there is definitely a difference between downtown and uptown! anyway, love the hair colors, look so insane together! oh and everybody should have those miu miu's

  6. Man I love your fringe! Glasses are beautiful.


  7. The nails looks absolutely perfect and so do the Miu Miu sunglasses! Amazing!!



  8. Jade says:

    Really love the glittery tips... and that blue colour is gorgeous!

  9. Annia says:

    Nice blog!!!
    I just found it!!!

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  10. Thank you everyone!
    Yes! Love the Marilyn comparison! My skirt has been blowing up a lot lately. I need to be careful!

  11. Wow, beautiful !!! Perfect perfecto and divine sunglasses !!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    nice idea.. thanks for sharing.